Round 2 of the series Postponed due to torrential rain

So we have had to make the call and postpone round 2 until the 6th of September as the trails have took a lot of water over the last week and will be unsuitable to run a BMX comp on them. 

We will however be back at Wisley for Round 2 of the Series on the 6th.

This has worked out well for us as there is a comp in Croatia this weekend where quite a few of the UK BMX Crew have gone to represent their sponsors and our country.

We want all riders to be able to enjoy our series so we will be back on the 6th with a full house.....


Worx Dirt Wars BMX Dirt Series 2020 Round 2 INFORMATION...

Round 2 Wisley Trails Surrey.

15th of August 2020


With the Covid-19 virus still looming over our heads and the Government on about closing things to allow schools to go back we are gutted to say Round 2 Will also be a CLOSED EVENT WITH NO SPECTATORS.

We will be taking over Wisley Trails in Cobham Surrey on the 15th of August 2020 for Round 2 of the Worx BMX Dirt Series 2020.


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