Dirt Wars BMX 2020 Update Covid 19

Ok so it's pretty obvious with the whole of the UK on Lockdown we will not be hosting Round 1 from Chicksands on the 25th April (Tomorrow). With the UK on lockdown and the NHS under a huge strain its not possible for the first 3 rounds of the series to take place. Dont panic though as we will still be looking at hosting 5 of the 6 round series once this is over.


We have had to drop a round from the series due to time scale, This round will however be replaced with a small jam at the end of the summer at Ramps Skate Park in Llanelli Wales where both the Dirt Jumps and Skate Park will be open for use to Dirt Wars UK.


We will now be looking at holding Round 1 of the Series at Chicksands Bike Park on the 13th of June 2020 if everything has died down and the government allow sporting events to go ahead (Which we are pretty sure they will).


We have been really looking forward to getting the BMX Series underway and meeting all the BMX family through out the summer of 2020. It's been a crazy time but if everyone sticks together on this then we should be out of it as fast as possible.

The Dirt Wars UK Crew want to thank the NHS for all they are doing to get us through this crazy time, The Riders for understanding the situation and not riding and all our sponsors who have stuck with us through the madness the world is going through. More info on the rest of the series in the next 7 days.


STAY SAFE and we will see you on the flipside.


Cliff andThe Dirt Wars Crew