Worx Dirt Wars Round 1 2020 BMX Series Radical Bike Park

OK so the green light has been given for closed events as from the 4th of July.

This will mean that we can hold an event with riders only and NO spectators.

We will be holding Round 1 of the Worx BMX Dirt Series on the 18th of July at Radical Bike Park in Essex.

Dirt Wars BMX 2020 Update Covid 19

Ok so it's pretty obvious with the whole of the UK on Lockdown we will not be hosting Round 1 from Chicksands on the 25th April (Tomorrow). With the UK on lockdown and the NHS under a huge strain its not possible for the first 3 rounds of the series to take place. Dont panic though as we will still be looking at hosting 5 of the 6 round series once this is over.



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